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Rockwell Industries Ltd

  • Requirement For Production Manager
    Company : Rockwell Industries Ltd
    Industry : Rockwell Industries Ltd
    Skills : production management assembly home appliances appliances kitchen appliances
    Experience : 12 to 22 years | Location : Hyderabad(Kandlakoya)
    Job Description

    SPECIAL CONSIDERATION AND STRONG PREFERENCE IS BEING GIVEN FOR CANDIDATES WHO COME FROM APPLIANCE INDUSTRY, CONVEYOR LINE ASSEMBLY MANUFACTURING, AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY, OTHER HIGH SPEED ASSEMBLY LINE MANUFACTURING BACKGROUND. THE CANDIDATE BY NATURE MUST BE AUTHORITATIVE, COMMANDING, DECISIVE, OBJECTIVE ,ANALYTICAL, BE SCIENTIFIC IN APPROACH to all aspects of MANUFACTURING and must be TECHNICALLY STRONG WITH WIDE RANGE OF MFG EXPERIENCE. All other below points are indicative. The candidate needs to be able to do planning and organizing schedules determining quality control standards overseeing production process ensuring that health and safety regulations are met organising the repair and routine maintanance of production equipment supervising the work of junior staff organizing relevant training sessions optimizing the manufacturing process. reducing cost of poor quality. Focus on waste elimination. Undertanding and experience of Lean manufacturing. should posess at-least 3 years of experience in managerial position handling a about 200 workforce through systematic heirarcy. Will to learn, enthusiastic, not easily bogged down. Must have a creative and out of the box approach for problem solving. Needs to be technically sound. With some understanding of Electricals aspects, Mechanical Aspects of machinery, PLC's , peumatics, Aesthetics, Understanding of Drawings, compliances, requirements etc. Must have worked with automation, should have been involved in planning of productivity enhancement projects etc. Landmark Curriculum completed candidates will also be preferred. Should not be colour blind. Should have worked in an organisation with full fledged ERP system. Should be objective by nature, practical, have good communication skills in English, Hindi etc.