At the point when the breeze truly is blowing the correct way

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    Salzgitter AG

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    To generate hydrogen in Salzgitter on a climate-neutral basis using electrolysis and electricity from wind power.

  • Technologies

    Wind Energy

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Toward the finish of October 2018, participation accomplices Salzgitter Flachstahl, Avacon and Linde consented to the arrangement for a spearheading vitality venture named "Salzgitter Clean Hydrogen", in this way coming a major bit nearer to a hydrogen-based industry.


With outer offers of around 9 billion euros, in excess of 25,000 representatives and very nearly 160 local and global backups and partners, Salzgitter AG positions as one of Europe's driving steel and innovation gatherings.


Presently, assemble organization Salzgitter Flachstahl has joined accomplices Linde AG and Avacon Natur GmbH and joined to the "Salzgitter Clean Hydrogen" venture, which is a noteworthy venturing stone on the course to a hydrogen-based industry.


The point of the undertaking is to create hydrogen in Salzgitter on an atmosphere unbiased premise utilizing electrolysis and power from wind control. These exercises are to establish the framework for the future organization of bigger hydrogen volumes to diminish coordinate CO2 outflows in the generation of steel.


Under the task, Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH is to design the development and activity of a PEM (proton-trade layer) electrolysis plant with a limit of around 400 N.m³/h. Avacon will be in charge of the plant's vitality supply, which will include fabricating and working seven breeze turbines with a power yield of 30 megawatts.


Every one of the turbines will be situated on the premises of the Salzgitter Group - three on the grounds of the steel process itself. Modern gas provider Linde, in the mean time, will guarantee a relentless supply of hydrogen by stopping any holes when request can't be met from inside assets.


The expense of the whole undertaking adds up to around 50 million euros, some of which is being met by government financing. In the event that all goes to design, the creation of hydrogen at the Salzgitter plant could begin in 2020.