Next2Sun builds Europe’s largest bifacial solar park


The facility, with its double-sided modules, is currently being installed on an approximately 10-hectare area in the German municipality of Eppelborn in Saarland – a new European record.

  • Client

    ÖkoStrom Saar GmbH

  • Services

    To build more network and environmentally-friendly open-space facilities

  • Technologies

    Solar Energy

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With bifacial solar cells, both the front and rear sides are optically active.


They are sandwiched between two approximately 2.5-mm-thick glass panels, creating stable modules with a greater solar yield than modules with just one active surface.


Moreover, they take up less land space, meaning that the area on which they are installed can still be used for agriculture.


This space-saving installation has been made possible thanks to the patented mounting system from Berlin-based startup Next2Sun , which aims to build more network and environmentally-friendly open-space facilities.


At the new facility in Saarland, the double-sided light-sensitive modules from Yingli and Sunpreme will be oriented to the east and to the west and erected vertically in rows at approx. 10 m intervals, thereby generating power both in the morning and in the afternoon on a minimum footprint.


The contracting authority and operator of the facility, which strives to generate 2 MW peak power, is Ökostrom Saar Wind GmbH, a subsidiary of Ökostrom Saar GmbH .