ICE Make Refrigeration launches solar cold rooms to keep farm produce fresh, to save 30% running cost of electricity for farmers

Ice Make Refrigeration (Ice Make), a leading manufacturer and supplier of cooling solutions equipment, has launched an economically viable solar powered cold storage unit for the interior areas of the country where proper storage temperature and adequate infrastructure is not available due to non -availability of regular power. The Company is expecting good response for the eco- friendly and energy efficient solar cold rooms.

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    Ice Make Refrigeration

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    To keep farm produce fresh, to save 30% running cost of electricity for farmers

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    Solar based cold storages

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Chandrakant P Patel, Chairman and Managing Director of Ice Make Refrigeration told TradeBriefs, "The cold room unit with a storage space of about 4-5 metric ton and cost of around Rs 11-12 lakh will help retain the quality, freshness, shelf-life and reduce wastage of perishable farm products. "

Also, with a shelf life of around 7-10 years the cold rooms are 30-40% costlier than conventional cold storages, but they don’t have to depend on grid power, which is 30% of the running cost. "Solar cold storages not only reduce the cost, but can also make a key difference in distant rural areas which are not yet electrified, or where power supply is poor," he said.

India is the world’s second largest producer of fruits and vegetables after China, with an output of about 100 million tonne of fruits and 180 million tonne of vegetables. However, according to various studies around 40% of this produce perishes for lack of adequate cold storage facilities. Even the rest has to be quickly brought to market and sold, or the quality deteriorates. The pressure to sell early regularly leads to glut and shortages of these commodities in the market, resulting in wild price fluctuations.

The government has extended its 50% subsidy scheme to solar refrigeration units to make them affordable and encourage their adoption. It is expected with proper utilization of the solar based cold storages it can lead to over 30-40% increase in farmer’s income.

"With governments strong focus on agriculture and horticulture, internal research suggests that the market for Solar-based cold storages will expand aggressively in the next few years. There are only a handful of solar cold storages being used in the country so far" Mr Patel added.

However, creating awareness will be the biggest challenge among the farmers as solar cold storages are still at an experimental stage in India. "We need to create awareness and remove information gap at the earliest to help the farmers double their income and reap strong benefits from the good quality cold storage facilities."

Ice Make Refrigeration operates under four key business verticals including Cold Room, Commercial Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration & Transport Refrigeration and caters to wide range of Industries including Dairy, Ice-cream, food processing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, Cold Chain, Logistics, hospitals, Hospitality and retail among others. The Company also exports its products to overseas clients in 21 countries. ICE Make has its manufacturing plants located at Dantali in Gandhi Nagar District Ahmedabad and Chennai. ICE Make was listed on NSE Emerge on December 8, 2017. The Company attracted record SME IPO subscription of over 260 times, worth over Rs 6000 crore.