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Power Industry is the backbone of any economy. With fast growing energy requirements an efficient and intelligent transmission and distribution infrastructure is the need of the day.

In the recent times power industry has witnessed several changes. With the increase in usage of renewable energy for power generation and the dynamic behaviour of the peak loads further challenges are being faced by the transmission and distribution network.

To address the requirements of intelligent distribution network, Smart grid initiative from Government of India is a welcome step. The Smart Grid (Intelligent transmission and Distribution) is "An automated, widely distributed energy delivery network characterised by a two-way flow of electricity and information, capable of monitoring and responding to changes in everything from power plants to customer preferences to individual appliances."

Smart grid can be better defined by its features:

1) Fully automated power delivery network that monitors and controls electricity flows

2) Two-way flows of electricity and information between the power plant and the appliance, and all points in between

3) Lowered carbon footprint and reduced emissions, increased access to renewable energy resources (like solar and wind)

4) Use of digital technology to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability, and

5) Reduced disruptions, improved efficiency and better asset utilisation.

The energy industry counts on the solutions from Phoenix Contact

The close cooperation with power industry has led to the development of various systems and solutions for the transmission and distribution Network. Phoenix Contact is an established specialist for safe connection, signal and automation technology and offers their customers reliable and high performance systems for efficient and future-oriented solutions. The Solutions from Phoenix Contact are characterised by its usage of open technology and Standards. The Communication and Network diagnostics has always been the strength of automation solutions from Phoenix Contact. The remote control and monitoring solution can be realised with large portfolio of industrial modems in combination with the control technology supporting ODP, VPN, IEC 60870-5-101 / 104, FTP ….

Building blocks of an intelligent power distribution

• Constant monitoring of Energy generated and load currents using the numerous AC/DC transducers for Current and Voltage, provides reliable and high accuracy data.

 • Communication via standardised protocols IEC 60870-5-101/104, FTP, ODP either on wired or wireless or fibre optic network is no mystery to Phoenix Contact. The Complete communication network portfolio is available to the system designers to choose the right technology for the right application.

 • Simple handling of the data logging units using the standard predefined function blocks ensures easy and fast installation and commissioning of the system.

 • Future-proof solution provides the flexibility to add or remove any functionality required as the system is designed to be modular and scalable to fit the customer requirements.


Pix1: Solutions for the feed-in management and intelligent local network stations

Pix2: The Networked data monitoring solutions

Pix3: Measurement and control technology for intelligent Local network stations

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