Individual parts made of 50 iglidur materials are obtained in 2-5 days.

  • Client

    igus GmbH

  • Services

    Plastic Bearings, Cable Systems

  • Technologies

    Polymer bearngs and energy chains

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With custom-made 3D-printed injection moulding tools, igus offers users a new possibility to produce lubrication-free and maintenance-free parts and small batches. Customers can now choose from the entire range of 50 iglidur high-performance plastics – including specialists for high load, food contact, underwater application or heat – and thus receive their special parts for moving applications in only 2 to 5 days.

Injection-moulded, printed or machined from bar stock, igus offers customers a wide range of possibilities to obtain their lubrication-free parts such as gears or plain bearings quickly and cost-effectively. igus also offers the possibility to solve difficult technical challenges quickly by means of a 3D-printed mould – and now with all tried and tested iglidur materials. Since the production of injection moulds made of steel is comparatively expensive, takes longer and is only feasible in the production of large quantities, special Tribo solutions can be produced with a printed mould within 2 to 5 days with up to 80 per cent cost savings in production and further, even small quantities can be produced. "A new process for the production of printed injection moulding tools now allows igus to make even more precise and long-lasting products," says Gerhard Baus, Authorised Officer of the Plain Bearings Division.

Depending on the material chosen for injection moulding, the mould is produced by means of an appropriate 3D printing process and then immediately used in the injection moulding machine. Thus, simple special parts are ready for shipment within a few days. The special material structure of the printed injection mould ensures that it can withstand the high temperatures during injection moulding, which means that one mould can produce prototypes and small batches up to 500 pieces cost-effectively and quickly. The production of special Tribo parts by means of printed injection moulding tools is particularly advantageous if the desired material cannot be processed in the 3D printer or when the parts are used for a test which is intended to simulate as close as possible conditions for a later mass production. igus has already produced over 2,000 moving parts for its customers through printed injection moulding tools.

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