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Smart Thermostat With Adjustable Temperature Setting
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There are no machines evolved that bring back our journey of past, though one can't relive in the time had already been into but the outbreak of automation technology in various fields is simplifying the life’s of people, saving their time and tilting it towards the various hues of smartness. Not just the word Automation keeps us high spirited but its emerging technology is all set to gear up the better future; right from the way the usage of lighting in the home to the smart things holding kitchen, door locks to the entertainment automation has the key to unlock the best, especially the future of home automation is waiting with a wide range of products to feed the glee of relaxation through the technology.

Smart Thermostats
The real way to save on bill!

Getting a huge momentum with its superior quality of slicing off charges on the bill Smart Thermostats are reining with saving energy advantage. They checks the temperature conditions as you required and learns automatically day-by-day. The utilization is so lull that one can manage the climate conditions of their home by accessing thermostat through the today’s inseparable part of the body 'mobile.'

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Works smart as a knife!

Our future kitchen might be decking up some automation products to the prior inorder to keep itself sharp than a knife. The big-guns of home appliances like Samsung and LG Electronics are bragging with their kitchen products equipped with the interactive property.

Private IMAX Theater

Keep the entertainment Private!

If you can invest an amount of $2 million then no doubt you will become the owner of your own IMAX screening room, embellished with floor to ceiling screen, 2-D and 3-D formats, wall-to-wall curved feature alongside microphones and loudspeakers.

Smart Washers and Dryers

Wash and watch!

Loaded your washing machine with the robes! Now get the cycles count on your smart phone. If you're new to the washing department some newly emerging machines will guide you with the tips on their LCD screens.

Television Mirrors

Mirror without any error!

The prominent feature of the Television Mirror is that when it is in the on mode TV mirror delivers information regarding news and media, while in the off mode it pops up like a general mirror and reflects your image.

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