Robot serves 3D printer at Voodoo


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    Voodoo Manufacturing

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    To increase utilization of its printer capacity from the current level of 30-40% to around 90%, further reducing production costs.

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It doesn't take a mystical performer: utilizing a cobot to stack its 3D printers, US startup Voodoo Manufacturing has tripled its generation. Presently a second cobot is to build use of printer limit much more.

Voodoo Manufacturing is situated in the New York district of Brooklyn and represents considerable authority in conveying 3D print employments.

The organization is centered around mechanical large scale manufacturing, however is in rivalry with specialist organizations who utilize traditional infusion shaping procedures.

To use the in excess of 200 3D printers on the organization's around 1700 m2 premises all the more productively, the business is utilizing a UR10-demonstrate cobot from Danish market pioneer Universal Robots.

The robot arm is mounted on a versatile base and can stretch around 100 of the introduced 3D printers.

It is in charge of expelling utilized printing plates from the gear, putting them on a transport line and stacking the printers with new plates.

Mechanization has permitted Voodoo Manufacturing to triple its generation – not minimum on the grounds that the UR10 likewise works during the evening, checked by restrictive programming.

With an extra UR10, the organization would like to build usage of its printer limit from the present dimension of 30-40% to around 90%, further lessening creation costs.

The association's long haul objective is to introduce up to 10,000 3D printers served by a few cobots so as to work more cost-viably than the infusion shaping industry.