Robotics companies win awards

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    Magazino GmbH

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    Robots to be programmed, controlled and interconnected.

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Magazino, Vincent Systems and Quantum Systems are among the victors of "The Spark", a startup grant offered by McKinsey and the daily paper "Handelsblatt". Mechanical technology organizations were the focal point of the computerized honor this year.


Magazino from Munich put first for " The Spark " in 2018. The organization built up the working framework Acros, which enables robots to be customized, controlled and interconnected. The machines share their encounters in the cloud, helping them gain from one another. The robots are basically utilized in intralogistics, where they can recognize, find and pick singular questions off the rack and after that convey them to their goal.


Vincent Systems from Karlsruhe, which put second, represents considerable authority in restorative innovation. The organization has built up a hand prosthesis that enables patients to move one finger at any given moment, because of a smaller than usual robot, and in addition select from among 14 distinctive methods for grasping. In the expressions of the jury, the mechanical hand establishes a jump in development: in size and weight it is similar to its normal good example and can likewise be moved instinctively by nerve-controlled muscle signals.


The automaton startup Quantum Systems from Gilching close Munich took third place. It produces a drive that gives flying gadgets a chance to take off and arrive vertically; on account of a canny autopilot, when airborne the gadgets change over to a quick and conservative coast, joining the upsides of helicopter rambles with those of settled wing flying machine. As indicated by the jury, the automatons are, in addition to other things, appropriate for checking foundations or observing fields.