Improved cobot security on account of igus e-chains

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    igus GmbH

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    To make working with robots safer for humans.

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Cobots get the vitality and information they require from supposed e-chains. Igus from Cologne is presently attaching these with adjusted braces, making working with robots more secure for people.


At the point when individuals work intimately with robots, the most astounding conceivable security measures are expected to limit the danger of damage.


Demonstrating that the key untruths not just in ultra-complex advances, for example, a sensor skin for machines, is appeared by another, considerably easier answer for the triflex R display arrangement from vitality chain producer igus.


Up to this point, the vitality binds were attached to the gripper arms of cobots or mechanical robots utilizing metal clasps. As an option, igus now offers securing cuts made of plasti c in a MRK structure.


Their adjusted edges will expand work security, as they bring down the danger of damage amid contact with the robot.


The clasps themselves are rushed on and are appropriate for igus models, as well as for robots from Universal Robots , for the TMS arrangement from Axilum Robotics and for the LBR-iiwa arrangement from Kuka .