The seven-axis cobot packs, paints, and varnishes

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    Kassow Robots

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    To simplify automation.

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Danish startup Kassow Robots has unveiled its KR 810 model. The cobot, featuring seven fully-controlled axes, is highly versatile and aims to simplify automation.


 Kassow Robots , founded in 2014, has shown its KR 810 in action for the very first time at Fachpack 2018 in Nuremberg, with a demo of the seven-axis cobot banding products with a PROSMART bundling system.


Kassow envisages its cobot will also be used in packaging for pick & place and palletizing tasks, pallet labeling, and operating CNC machines, as well as for painting and varnishing, quality inspection, and injection molding tasks.


The KR 810 has a reach of 850 millimeter and a payload of up to 10 kg.


Other models available from Kassow Robots are the KR 1205, with a reach of 1200 millimeter and a payload of 5 kg, and the KR 1805, with a reach of 1800 millimeter and also a payload of 5 kg.


The manufacturer guarantees that all models are easy to program and highly flexible.