OMRON to Introduce New i4 SCARA Product Family


 Top of the line SCARA in speed and precision is designed for easy integration into the production line with predictive maintenance functions

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    OMRON Corporation

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    For easy integration into the production line with predictive maintenance functions

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OMRON Corporation (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan. President and CEO: Yoshihito Yamada), a global leader in automation technology, the leading exhibition for smart automation and robotics, that it will be introducing a new line of SCARA robots, boasting sleek design and enhanced performance. Named the "i4," the new generation of SCARA robot will save space during installation, and allow easier configuration into existing production lines. The i4 is fast, repeatable, easy to operate and flexible for multiple configurations and applications.


The new i4-SCARA robots from OMRON are destined to set new standards in speed and precision and designed for easy integration into production lines with predictive maintenance functions.


As the fourth industrial revolution surges forward, it’s exerting more and more pressure on companies. Compared to the steady progress of organic evolution, revolution crushes anyone in its path too rigid to embrace new opportunities. Right now, manufacturers all over the world are having to adapt to producing increasingly customized products in decreasing batch sizes and accelerating cycles - while at the same time specialized workers are becoming harder and harder to find. This calls for extremely flexible production line layouts that don’t compromise on quality standards or assembly speeds.


That is where OMRON Corporation comes in. This leading Japanese manufacturer of automation solutions, based in Kyoto, has just announced the launch of a new line of SCARA robots that combines compact design with optimized performance. The new "i4" generation of SCARA robots not only saves installation space and is easily integrated into existing production lines - to meet the challenges of industry 4.0, the i4 line is also equipped with EtherCAT for synchronizing automation devices. This simplifies innovative assembly, inserting and mounting processes that require great precision and high throughput, while also optimizing quality control using integrated image processing.