Old batteries to store solar energy

  • Client

    AB Volvo

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    Putting retired bus batteries to use in a solar installation.

  • Technologies

    Electric vehicles

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Volvo wants to reuse utilized batteries from electric transports. Set in photovoltaic establishments, these will store sun based vitality and feed it into the power framework as required.

The e-versatility drift is making another issue. How to manage all the old batteries that still work however are inadmissible for driving due to crumbling execution? Swedish car bunch Volvo is currently partaking in a task putting resigned transport batteries to use in a sun oriented establishment.

In particular, the task includes the new Viva private complex claimed by lodging helpful Riksbyggen in Göteborg, which was structured as a supportable undertaking.

Under a vitality supply plan attracted up coordinated effort with vitality supplier Göteborg Energi and the Johanneberg Science Park, vitality from the photovoltaic establishments on the tops of the loft structures is put away by batteries recently introduced in the electric transports on line 55 in Göteborg.

The establishments convey 14 utilized lithium-particle batteries, connected up to make a 200 kWh stockpiling unit.

They are planned to store overabundance power from the sun powered establishment so it very well may be made accessible at pinnacle times or even sold.

The batteries can likewise be utilized to store power from the national power matrix.