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    aicas GmbH

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    lightweight application framework for the Industrial IoT.

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    Application Enablement Platform

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Jamaica-IoT builds on our scalable, high performance JamaicaVM foundation to deliver a platform targeted at industrial, power grid, automotive, and home Internet-of-things applications. Software written for Jamaica-IoT leverages a common platform, component and application framework for all your intelligent devices, CPUs, and operating systems.


Application Management Service

Jamaica-IoT Application management service (AMS) enables signature verified secure download, installation and execution of components and applications. The AMS provides runtime API access control list verification, and CPU and memory resource limits monitoring and management.


Secure Messaging Protocols

Jamaica-IoT, built on the strengths of the JamaicaVM foundation, supports a variety of peer-to-peer, cloud-based messaging, and client-server protocols. New protocols can be added dynamically as downloadable components.

Be More Competitive

Mine intelligence from sensor data directly at the edge and improve your process efficiency


Become Better and Faster

Bring agility to your industrial operations


Increase Revenue

Manage your apps and services throughout edge devices remotely


Safe, Secure and Realtime

Control your field processes in realtime and run 3rd party software while keeping your system safe, secure and robust


Reduce Cost

Keep your edge hardware compact and deploy software on any hardware and any operating system


aicas GmbH,,Karlsruhe,Germany