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    Henning Industrial Software, Inc.

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    For smaller to midsized shops with robust manufacturing execution,

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    Embedded Computing

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Visual EstiTrack ERP is a total solution for smaller to midsized shops with robust manufacturing execution, light MRP, PLM, SCM, customer management, HR capabilities and business intelligence for reporting and analytics.



Visual EstiTrack ERP provides complete and intuitive management tools that can be deployed quickly with Henning Software’s excellent support/training services - Quoting and Sales Orders through Shop Orders and Invoicing are simple and easily adopted by executives and shop floor employees alike.

User-friendly interfaces and quick navigation gets the entire operation on the same page. Drag-and-drop tools, dynamic visual displays, interactive charts, automated scheduling and monitoring features make employees more efficient, increasing productivity and profits.

Easy-to-use features and modules are integrated into a single configurable solution that can be tailored to each company’s unique requirements; both single and mixed mode manufacturing are supported.

Onboard modules include Barcode tracking/costing, Scheduling, Gantt Charts, a Visual Shop Floor, Material Management (integrated inventory/lot control), purchasing/shipping, single/multi-level BOM and ISO compatible Quality Management.

Visual EstiTrack is a scalable, cost-effective and flexible ERP that is ideal for small to medium-size manufacturers seeking to replace an older or complex system with a more user-friendly and complete solution.

Complete financials including payroll with optional integration into Visual Books full-featured accounting system. Or, Visual EstiTrack ERP can also be interfaced with the company's existing QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting solution.


Henning Industrial Software, Inc.Hudson,Ohio