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    Geneva Systems,Inc.

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    Integrated business application software for small to midsize businesses (SMB)

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    Enterprise Application

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Geneva Systems, Inc. designs, develops and offer integrated business application software for small to midsize businesses (SMB) in the warehouse management industries ,manufacturing/Shop Floor Control, and third-party logistics, public warehouses, public refrigerated warehouses with Fully integrated accounting and financial management .

Geneva's flagship product, Geneva Business Management Systems® (GBMS), provides a cost-effective browser-based application suite that enables SMB companies to gain complete insight and control over all their operations. Geneva Systems is available as both an on-premise or cloud/Hosting-based solution.



All of our GBMS modules utilize radio frequency portable terminals, Ethernet and bar code technology for real-time data collection.

Although all of the transactions can be completed from the front-end user interface, still the most of the transactions can be performed by wireless automated data collection device which speeding up operations and increasing efficiency by scanning bar codes to quickly enter information.

Front-end users can also benefit from the use of keyboard wedge bar code readers connected to their PC's for use with the many bar coded documents generated by GBMS.

Companies can run GBMS on a wide range of browsers and platforms, including Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.


Geneva Systems,Inc.Email:sales@genevasystems.com