ThingWorx Version 8.3




  • Client

    PTC Software (India) Pvt. Ltd.

  • Services

    To perform many common data transformations required for deeper data understanding and data preparation for advanced analytics

  • Technologies

    Internet Of Things (IoT)

  • Dates



Enhanced Developer Productivity and Efficiency

  • ThingWorx Composer is now the default developer and admin UI for ThingWorx, complete with a redesigned user interface
  • All analytics interfaces, including Builder and Manager, are now launched directly from Composer


New Connectivity and Integration Capabilities

  • Custom connectivity applications are enabled with Software Content Management
  • Configuration of MQTT connectivity is simplified with automatic tag generation


Analytics Functionality Enhances Outcomes while Improving User Efficiency

  • Standard libraries of statistical calculation services reduce coding requirements to make it easier and faster for application developers to perform many common data transformations required for deeper data understanding and data preparation for advanced analytics
  • Standard libraries of statistical monitoring services reduce coding requirements to make it faster and easier for application developers to implement statistical process control rules for monitoring of assets or processes
  • Automated time series transformations make it faster and easier to deploy predictive models in ThingWorx applications
  • Predictive models are improved with features that automate data preparation to eliminate feature redundancy, and transform data to predict two or more time periods in the future
  • Addition of a new learning algorithm and an ensembling technique to automated model training capabilities deepens analytics functionality


New Capabilities Extend the Value of Vuforia Studio Across the Enterprise

  • 2D experiences designed for Assisted Reality eyewear improve user efficiency by presenting reference materials when and where needed
  • Spatial tracking support for Microsoft HoloLens provides the ability to do “table-top” Augmented Reality on an even greater number of devices.
  • Japanese, German and French localization offers support for a larger global audience


Repackaging of ThingWorx Utilities Functionality

  • The naming of “ThingWorx Utilities” is being phased out of the ThingWorx platform packaging – but the key functionality formerly described as ThingWorx Utilities continues to be delivered
  • ThingWorx Utilities functionality is being repackaged into ThingWorx Foundation and ThingWorx Asset Advisor
  • ThingWorx Workflow will now be available in ThingWorx Foundation
  • The functionality from the Asset and Alert Management Utilities will be delivered in ThingWorx Asset Advisor
  • ThingWorx Software Content Management will continue to be available to manage the delivery of software to connected products


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