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Gravotech introduces innovative Laser Solution Technifor: new marking and traceability range.

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    GravoTech Engineering Pvt Ltd

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    To simplify marking and traceability and ensure optimum marking quality in all circumstances.

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    Industrial Automation

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There is a new and most complete and efficient laser marking offer on the market – innovative solutions that simplify marking and traceability and ensure optimum marking quality in all circumstances.


Gravotech combines the latest technologies with intelligent designs to maximise performance. With the rise of traceability requirements in every industry around the world, Gravotech stands out as the integration specialist in innovation on several levels:

• Lower integration costs, especially with ultra-easy connectivity

• A reliability commitment though warranty and consistent results, and

• Ongoing performance is supported by offering maintenance departments optional supervisory visits with rapid diagnosis and preventive maintenance.


Laser – Integrable range

With the new integrable laser solutions, Gravotech offers the most complete range on the market and guarantees clients the most appropriate response to their traceability needs. The 4 series of unique, high-performance laser solutions include:

• FIBER-Series: Compact and powerful

• HYBRID-Series: Laser solution Plug N’Mark

• GREEN-Series: Ideal solution for "cold marking"

• CO2-Series: "On the fly marking" system


Key features

Major advances integrated in all models of the new range:

• The "3D module" offers the largest amplitude on the market with Auto-focus for a perfect marking in all conditions. Thanks to the "Multi-level and inclined surfaces" system for a marking that adapts to various levels without adjustment.

• The instantaneous marking control ‘Vision manager’ ensures complete traceability thanks to its vision system with integrated camera. The marking control, the setting and the communication with the camera are integrated into the system.


Versatile applications

These innovations are real technological breakthroughs and allow to cross new boundaries in traceability marking!


Mark on material: Metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, rubber, organic materials such as leather, wood and fabric, etc. Gravotech can help users choose the best solution for a given application.


Application sectors: Gravotech works with the most recognised manufacturers and parts manufacturers in the automobile, precision mechanics, medical, aeronautics, jewellery and watchmaking, electrical industry, electronics, tooling, oil and gas, sectors and with professional engravers, etc.


Examples: Fibre laser marking on metals; Traceability on plastics and sensitive materials using green laser; Laser engraving through layer removal; Identification using YAG laser on soft materials; CO2 laser cutting of organic materials; Personalisation on any material; Engraving and cutting of plates, acrylics, signs, etc; and Deep engraving.


The Gravotech Group is a world leader in marking, engraving, laser cutting and dot-peen solutions.

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