MELSERVO-J4 series - Man, Machine, and Environment in Perfect Harmony

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    Mitsubishi Electric india

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    To enhance system performance.

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From the industry's top level high-speed, high-accuracy servos to one-touch servos and multi-axis models.


In addition to the high-end MELSERVO-J4 series, a variety of models to match various applications is available.


The Mitsubishi Electric's servo amplifiers support motors from rotary servo motors to linear servo motors and direct drive motors, and greatly enhance system performance.


MELSERVO-J4 series is the newest member to the MELSERVO family, backed by Mitsubishi Electric's leadership in all-digital technology.


With safety, Ethernet-based CC-Link IE Field Network, SSCNETIII/H high-speed optical communication and energy-efficient design of the new MELSERVO-J4 series - man, machine, and environment can at last work together in perfect harmony.


This servo amplifier is compatible with CC-Link IE Field Network. Together with the  advanced synchronous control and interpolation control by sequential commands are enabled. The servo amplifier has a built-in point table function, offering easy positioning with a combination with a master module


It is used in Electrical Industries.


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