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    Turck India Automation Pvt. Ltd.

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    To measure humidity, magnetic fields, reed contacts or inductive sensors.

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    Industrial Automation

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Turck's HF-RFID/sensor tag records and stores measured values such as temperature and pressure and can be read without contact


For interested customers, Turck can develop and produce application-specific RFID tags with an integrated sensor function. The sensor tags record and store process values such as temperature or pressure in moving components. The sensor element can be replaced and can also be used to measure humidity, magnetic fields, reed contacts or inductive sensors.


The sensor tags are supplied with power and read via an HF-RFID read/write head. Even the data recording without contact to the read/write head is possible using a separate energy source. Depending on the frequency and type of measurement, as well as the ambient variables, measuring cycles can be run and recorded over several hours.


Turck's sensor tags are suitable, both for applications in which measuring values or other data have to be monitored and stored without contact, as well as for use on moving elements that previously had to be connected with slip ring solutions, which required a high degree of maintenance.


One example is the identification of rollers, including the storage of process-specific parameters. Furthermore, they can also be used where data has to be collected without contact from sealed interiors or from inaccessible locations. The user can also use the conventional RFID function for the identification of objects in the usual way.


Each application places different requirements on the use of sensor tags – from their mechanical properties to the physical measured values right through to the sensing range and resolution. Turck therefore develops the HF sensor tags individually for the specific customer application.


It is used in Process Industries.


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