DBA Choke Valve

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    Schlumberger Limited

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    To combat cavitation in water injection applications.

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    Multistage Choke Valves

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Cameron’s WILLIS® DBA™ choke valve is a multiple-pressure drop, anti-cavitation valve ideally suited for water injection. It controls the problems of cavitation, excessive noise, and vibration. To ensure optimum performance, our DBA choke valve can be custom-designed to meet specific needs. A field-proven product, the DBA choke valve is backed by Cameron’s commitment to service from our worldwide technical sales and service force.


The Cavitation Problem


Cavitation is a serious enemy to efficient flow control. Cavitation is the formation and sudden collapse of vapor bubbles in a flowing liquid. During the liquid’s passage through a valve, the pressure drops from the inlet pressure (P1) to a minimum pressure (PVC) in the vena contracta, just past the restriction.  If the PVC falls below the liquid’s vapor pressure (PV), vaporization occurs and vapor bubbles form. As the liquid moves downstream from the vena contracta, the pressure recovers to P2. If this outlet pressure, P2, is above the vapor pressure, the vapor bubbles collapse. This effect induces high-pressure shock waves, which can cause damage to nearby metal surfaces. Other destructive effects of cavitation include high noise levels, vibration, and damage to valve and trim materials.


The Cameron Solution


Cameron’s DBA choke valve was developed specifically to combat cavitation in water injection applications (secondary recovery and reservoir pressure maintenance). Its multiple-pressure drop design divides the normally large pressure drop into a series of smaller pressure drops. Cavitation is eliminated by keeping the pressure at the vena contracta, Pv, above the vapor pressure, PVC, of the liquid. The result is a valve that eliminates the threat of cavitation, reduces noise and vibration in down-stream pipes and joints, improves control and performance, and increases production life.


Customized for High Pressure


Cameron assures optimum performance from the DBA choke valve. We will work with you to design the valve and trim to meet your specific operation requirements. And, in some applications, it may be possible to retrofit your current WILLIS MOV valves with a DBA trim.


It is used in Chemical, Oil And Gas Industrires.


Schlumberger Limited(USA)