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    Dresser-Rand India Pvt. Ltd

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    To handle large volume air flows and other clean gases within relatively small casings while maintaining excellent efficiency.

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    Blading technology

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Innovative and Reliable

The Siemens STC-SX compressor type is optimally featured for today’s blast furnace requirements – which are characterized by the continuous strive for larger compressor units with increased efficiencies. Siemens axial flow compressors STC-SX have proven to meet customer needs: designed to handle large volume air flows and other clean gases within relatively small casings while maintaining excellent efficiency. Since 1950, the concept of Siemens STC-SX has continuously been optimized. Designed in accordance with API 617, this product line now allows for volume flow rates up to 1,300,000 m³/h.


  • The perfect match for large volume flows
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs



  • Blast furnace air
  • FCC air
  • Design Concept
  • High Flow Rates at High Efficiencies
  • Designed for large volume air flows and other clean gases within small casings, Siemens STC-SX compressor series guarantee excellent efficiency. Fulfilling highest technical standards, the compressor design is according to API 617.
  • Casings have an axial or radial inlet. As standard, they are fabricated. On special request, Siemens also offers cast casings. These machines are typically uncooled straight-through compressors, optimal for high discharge temperatures.
  • Modular Principle
  • The design principle common to the Siemens STC-SX series is a modular concept. It is based on finely graded machine elements and flow components that have proven their reliability over many years of operation.



  • Tilting pad bearing for journal and axial thrust bearing
  • Up to 19 stages
  • Outstanding blading technology
  • Rotor blades of first and second stage are made of duplex steel
  • Corrosion resistance due to unique material usage


Control Systems

  • Broad range of appropriate control systems
  • Performance control
  • Independent anti-surge protection
  • Anti-choke control
  • Control by either speed variation or adjustable guide vanes, or a combination of both


Technical Data

  • Flow rates from 50,000 to 1,300,000 m³/h (30,000 to 825,000 cfm)
  • Pressure ratio between 1.9 and 6.0
  • Speed up to 9,000 rpm
  • Discharge temperature up to 350°C
  • Various control systems to optimize operation
  • Driver: electric motor or steam turbine, depending on process and energy resources



Combining reliable technology with innovative development, Siemens STC-SX axial flow compressors guarantee the following benefits to optimize your business:

  • Compression of large volume flows within relatively small casings
  • Highest degree of efficiency
  • Extended operating range
  • Modular and robust machine design
  • High quality due to proven components and API standards
  • Prevention of wear due to optimized material selection
  • Low operating and maintenance costs


It is used in Chemical- Petrochemical and Refining Industry.


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