As awareness of the environment that surrounds us has increased in recent years, we have seen a further push to accelerate the energy-saving trends required by buildings, factories and workplaces.

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    To accelerate the energy-saving trends required by buildings, factories and workplaces.

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Fuji Electric's new FRENIC-eHVAC offers optimum capability in terms of energy saving for fans and pumps used in HVAC applications, eliminates waste through appropriate flow rate and air flow adjustments, and greatly influences power conservation and cost reductions through energy saving.



Pursuit of cost competitiveness

  • Competitiveness realized with optimum design.

Dedicated functionality for HVAC markets

  • Fire mode (fan control), built-in PID/Cascade operation (pump control), etc.

Built-in EMC filter as standard

  • Built-in category C2/C3 EMC filter as standard, catering for a variety of environments.

PM motor drive possible

  • PM motor drive is now possible with PM sensorless vector control.

Enhanced customized logic

  • Equipped with customized logic as standard to facilitate the free programming of up to 200 steps.
  • Unique functions tailored to the application or usage method can constructed.

Comprehensive communication support

  • Equipped with BACnet communication protocol as standard to facilitate the
  • productization of a variety of control and communication options.
  • Construction of system support is made easy with these functions.
  • Standard support: RS485, Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, Metasys N2
  • Option support: Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Lonworks, CC-Link

Multi-function keypad (option)

  • A multi-function keypad with support for 19 languages is available as an option to
  • realize worldwide deployment.


HVAC application examples

  • FRENIC-eHVAC plays a vital role in a variety of HVAC applications, helping to make all our lives that little bit easier.


 It is used in Piping Industry.


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