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    It is used for safe monitoring of a movable guard.

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The mechanical safety switches PSENmech are suitable for safe monitoring of a movable guard. If guards are opened, the safety switches PSENmech are tripped. The hazardous machine movement is then brought to a standstill with the help of the Pilz evaluation device.

Using increased extraction force on the actuator, the safety switches PSENmech prevent the safety gate from being opened unintentionally. They comply with the standard EN 1088 (protection against defeat) due to their mechanically coded actuators.


Advantages of secure safety gate monitoring

  • Flexibility and speed during installation
  • Plant availability is high
  • Up to 4 horizontal and vertical approach directions
  • Built-in manipulation protection
  • Long service life thanks to the robust design and high mechanical load capacity
  • Suitable for a variety of applications due to the wide operating temperature range
  • Short commissioning and downtimes
  • Housing is insensitive to dirt and dust, and is waterproof
  • Safe complete solution in conjunction with Pilz evaluation devices


Features of the mechanical safety switch

  • To monitor the position of movable guards in accordance with EN 60947-5-3
  • Designed for applications up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1, SIL CL 3 of EN/IEC 62061 (2 devices must be used to meet the highest requirements)
  • Protection type: IP67 (PSEN me1), IP65 (PSEN me3/me4)
  • Directions of actuation: 8 (PSEN me1/me4), 4 (PSEN me3)


Secure safety gate monitoring with PSENmech

For the highest category applications (up to Category 4 of EN 954-1) we recommend PSENmech is combined with another safety switch (either PSENmech, PSENmag or PSENcode).

Combine the mechanical safety switch with safe control technology from Pilz – the result is a safe, complete solution!


It is used in Packaging industry,Pharmaceutical,Pulp and Paper,Automotive Industry.

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