Benthos- 903 Series ATM-903


OEM version of Teledyne Benthos popular Telesonar Acoustic Modems.

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    Teledyne Instruments

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    sensor solutions for marine environments.

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    Oceanographic instrumentation

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Key Features:

  • OEM a-comm system easily integrated into any vehicle or sensor for wireless communication capability.
  • Transducer, ower cable and serial cable included.
  • Compatible with all Benthos Modems and UTS-9400 Topside Unit.
  • Field proven reliability, with thousands of units delivered to date.



  • Wireless communications onboard any AUV or subsea instrument.



Baud Rate

80 bits per second, frequency hopped


140-2400 bits per second (bps) Multiple Frequency Shift Keying (MFSK)


2560 -15,360 bits per second (bps) Phase Shift Keying (PSK)



Frequency Band

Customer Specified:


— 9 - 14 kHz (LF)


— 16 - 21 kHz (MF)


— 22-27 kHz (Band C)




2-6 km common, greater distances possible










Deck Box


 500m, 2000m and 6000m depth rated subsea units


Customer integrated electronics


Omnidirectional and directional transducers





Processing Features

Data redundancy, 1/2 rate convolutional coding


Multipath guard period selection


MFSK and PSK modulation schemes


Frequency Hopped



Data Storage

6144 KB datalogger standard


Expanded memory option available

It is used in Marine Industry.


Teledyne Instruments

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