Infilex™VN Venturi Valve for Variable Air Volume

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    Azbil India Pvt. Ltd

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    To control airflow rate/room pressure

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    Building Automation

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Infilex VN is a venturi valve combined with an airflow controller, designed to control airflow rate/room pressure in research facilities, fabrication facilities, and hospitals.

Infilex VN directly communicates with our building management system (BMS) savic-net™FX via LonTalk® protocol. This enables you to supervise airflow volume and status of fume hood exhaust, general exhaust, and supply air from savic-net FX center unit (client PC).


Pressure-independent mechanism:

The valve performs self-balancing operation to maintain a fixed flow of air by adjusting to changes in duct static pressure.


Quick response:

High-speed electric actuator mounted onto the valve quickly responds to the changes in airflow command.


It is used in Fabrication Industry And Hospitals.


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