Fiberglass (GRP) Cable Trays

Sumip Ladder & Perforated type Cable Tray provides reliable cable support in corrosive application. Both Polyester & Vinyl ester resin systems are available & all components incorporating U.V. Stabilizer & a surfacing veil to resist corrosive atmosphere.

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    Ladder & Perforated type Cable

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From power plants to fertilizer industries, paper mills to refineries to laboratories, sound electrical design requires an adaptable cable support system that is reliable. Above all durability & resistance to corrosion lead to lower costs during the life of installation.


  • Corrosion resistance

  • Strength & durability

  • Fire Redundant

  • Light Weight

  • U.V. Stabilities

  • Long life


  • Chemical Plants

  • Power Plants

  • Effluent Treatment Plants

  • Offshore Platforms

  • Paper Plants

  • Refineries

Fiberglass Cable Tray Specification

Standard Applicable

  • IS 6746 -1994 Specs for Unsaturated Polyester Resin system for Low Pressure Fiber Reinforced Plastics.

  • NEMA FG 1 1984- 1993 [current issue] Specification for fiberglass Tray system -Loading Characteristics

  • IS -6746-Appendix - K/UL 94 Flame Retardant [law flammability/v0]

Technical Details

  • Side Member FRP Pultruded 'C' Section.

  • Rung Sq. Hollow tube 25mm x25mm

Accessories / Fittings

All fitting are pre fabricated & will be same specification as of straight trays.

Connection / Coupler plate & Splice plates


FRP Stainless steel Splice plates of various Type ie. straight as well as adjustable for angle This plates should be installed between .2&.3 of the length of span of the support Fastner of SS 316 shall be provided of 6mm/ 8mmdiameter.

Typical Properties of Pultruded sections

  • ASTM -D-2863- Oxygen index -30%

  • ASTM- D -635 - Flame Spread [ Extent of burring]-25mm

  • ASTM -D- 638 - Tensile Strength at break - 30,000 PSI

  • ASTM- D - 790- Flexural Strength at break -30,000PSI

  • ASTM- D- 256- Izod Impact Strength - 25 Ft - LBS

  • ASTM- D- 149- Electric Strength short term Oil - 35 Kv / inch

Corrosion resistance of resin System

Two standard composites resin system are available. For most of the application isopthlic Polyester fire retardant [FR-P] is widely used. A vinyl ester composites fire retardant resin system [FR-VE] is used where strong acid [ like hydrochloric acide ] , strong alkalis [ Caustic Soda], organic solvent and halogenated organic conditions exits. Sumip fiberglass cable tray incorporates a synthetic veil on the surface of all structural shapes which causes a resin rich layer which enhances corrosion protection. A abbreviated guide can be provided on request to assist in the selection of the proper resin system for individual application.

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