YS1700 Programmable Indicating Controller

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The YS1700 Programmable Indicating Controller can be tailored for various applications by running a user program, and offers high reliability thanks to Yokogawa's proprietary technology, user friendliness, and expandability. Standard models are smaller and lighter than earlier series, requiring less space for installation, and are compliant with international safety standards including the CE Mark and FM nonincendive (optional) approvals. For easy replacement of earlier controllers, models requiring the same panel cutout dimensions and depth as those of earlier models are also offered.

  • Excellent legibility thanks to a  full-dot color LCD: High visibility of the display screen is ensured even in direct sunlight in the early morning and late afternoon. The user can freely access a desired operation display from meter, trend display, bar graph, alarm, and event displays. All parameters can be set via the front panel display.

  • Function block programming: Besides the text programming compatible with earlier models, the YS1700 offers the new GUI-based programming method, function block program- ming. The optional YSS1000 Setting Software for YS1000 Series is used to develop user programs.

  • Large programming capacity: Program capacity is 1000 steps for a text program, and 400 modules for a function block program.

  • More powerful control and calculation functions: IEEE754- format four-byte floating-point calculations enable actual values to be used in calculations. More than a hundred types of calculation modules are featured, including exponential and logarithmic functions, temperature compensation, and pressure compensation.

  • Function selection mode (needs no programming): The multi-function controller mode allows control to be selected from frequently used functions (single-loop, cascade, or selector control) without programming. Function assign- ments to digital and analog inputs/outputs (DIs, DOs, AIs, and AOs) can be determined by parameter settings.

  • Expandable I/O: The basic type with expandable I/O has eight analog inputs, four analog outputs, ten digital inputs or ten digital outputs (total fourteen digital inputs and outputs).

  • Fail-safe: Thanks to dual CPU (one for control and one for display), display and manual operations are enabled even during a failure of either CPU. The hard manual circuit incor- porated independently from the digital circuits enables the controller output to be adjusted manually during a failure of a digital circuit including both CPUs. (The hard manual circuit is not incorporated when the /NHM option is specified.)

  • Nonvolatile memory for memory backup: No battery or capacitor is used for memory backup, facilitating maintenance.

  • AC/DC dual power supply with wide operating voltage range to ensure stability against supply voltage fluctuations: Can be driven by either an AC (100 V) or DC (24 V) power supply. Furthermore, the DC power supply enables receiving power without polarity. (Must be specified upon ordering if using a 220 V AC power supply.)

  • 250 mm depth (for basic types only)

  • Dust- and splash-proof IP54 faceplate (for basic type only)

  • CE Mark (for basic type and YS100 compliant type only)

  • FM Nonincendive explosion protection (optional for basic type only)

  • Communication (optional) - Ethernet (Modbus/TCP; for basic type only) - RS485 (PC Link, Modbus, Peer-to-Peer communication, and YS protocol; unavailable for YS80 internal unit-compatible type) - DCS-LCS communication

  • Compatibility with YS100 Series: Setting and control operations can be done with the same feel. For basic-type cases, terminal-to-terminal pitches differ but the signal-to-terminal arrangement is almost the same.

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