Siemens Compressor Automation (SCAUT)

Siemens Compressor Automation (SCAUT)
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Siemens Compressor Automation solution (SCAUT) is based on the world’s leading automation system family, Siemens SIMATIC S7.

SCAUT is a standardized system designed to meet your needs regarding operation, monitoring, control and protection of complete compressor trains.

This means that your compressors, drives and all auxiliaries run at the highest efficiency adjusted to your process requirements.

SCAUT is designed in accordance with the international standards of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

A large variety of configurations allows for the implementation of flexible machine concepts.

Compressor Control

  • Anti-surge control designed to cover even the most complex tasks such as variable molecular weight, fast closing discharge valves or increasing suction temperature during recycling
  • Performance control acting on mass flow, suction- or discharge-pressure including limiting functions such as discharge pressure or motor-current
  • Load-sharing controller for parallel trains

Integrated Steam Turbine Control

  • Speed governors integrated into the SIMATIC S7 PLCe
  • Safeguarding functions, such as excessive temperature or minimum flow protection
  • Additional control of e.g. extraction pressure or inlet pressure
  • Automatic ramp-up to minimum governor speed according to predefined start-up curves including the avoidance of up to two critical speed bands

Flexible Modular Redundancy

As sensors and actuators are the weakest parts of an instrument loop, any redundancy concept should start with the appropriate number of field devices. (Typical fault rate split for a loop (according to TÜV): Sensor 35% - PLC 15% - Actuator 50%)The Siemens SCAUT system is designed to match the PLC and field device redundancy in order to:

  • Minimize costs
  • Maximize availability

Safety-integrated System

Up to SIL3 certified loops according to IEC 61508 for safety-related functions

Siemens Compressor Automation SCAUT

  • Siemens’ experience for 60 years- more than 1,300 systems implemented
  • Complete compressor train automation
  • Modular control and monitoring concept based on standard components
  • Customized design according to specific application and process data
  • Integrated train control and safety systems

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