Pulsed Radio Frequency (RF) Solution For Critical Etch And Deposition Processes

Pulsed Radio Frequency (RF) Solution For Critical Etch And Deposition Processes
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    Controlling the plasma used in the etching

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    Pulsed Radio Frequency (RF) Solution

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Plasmas play a vital role in processing materials during the semiconductor manufacturing process. MKS RF Power products ignite and control the plasma used for etching and deposition of films and layers. The magnitude and frequency of the RF is used to control the electrons, ions and neutrals generating unique chemistries for deposition or a combination of chemistry and energetic particles for etching.

A matching network between the generator and the process chamber helps maximize the power delivered to the plasma.

Engineers searching for additional control when processing these very small circuit designs are increasingly using Pulsed RF in both etch and deposition processes.

For ultra-small geometries such as FinFETs, the idea of selectivity (etching the target material but not the mask) is crucial to the etching process. Pulsing RF helps manage the trade-off between selectivity and etch rates. Working with one of our OEM customers on advanced etch technologies for FinFETs, MKS developed a technology called Adaptive Pulse Technology that delivers exceptionally repeatable pulses resulting in precise profile control.

By delivering the RF power in consistent pulses, the energy available for etch is deterministic, leading to better control of critical dimensions and minimizing lattice damage of the surrounding area.

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