Genisis Currency Automation Systems as one of the oldest vendor in currency handling system in the Banking Industry.

Automatic UV(ultraviolet) counterfeit detection.

Automatic MG(magnetic) counterfeit detection.

Automatic half-note, double-note, chain note detection.

Automatic starting, stopping and clearing.

With batching and adding and self-examination functions.

With external display.

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Currency Counting Machine using counterfeit detection
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    counterfeit detection

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    Industrial automation

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Dimension :      308mm X 262mm X 167mm

Banknote Size : Min50 x 100, Max:90 x 180mm                                        

Net Weight : 8Kgs

Counting Speed : >1000pcs per sec

Batch Range : 1-100

Counting Display : 2 LCD display & 1 customer display.

Power Supply : AC 220V / 50Hz , 120V / 60Hz

Power Consumption : < 70W

Hi-power MG Sensor & UV Sensor