Embedded Switch Technology

These products support linear and device-level ring (DLR) topologies for EtherNet/IP™ applications.

Embedded Switch Technology
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Power Quality Analyzer CW500

The Yokogawa CW500 is a portable power meter that utilizes current clamp-on probes, navigation screens and quick start guides. These features enable user-friendly power consumption and power quality measurements in the field that conform to IEC61000-4-30 Class S.

Power Measuring and Logging

  • Simultaneously measures 3 CH Voltage input, 4 CH current clamp probe input, 2 CH DCV input.
  • Instantaneous/Average/Maximum/Minimum value list or trend graph screen of Voltage/ Current/Power/Power factor/Phase Angle/Phase Advanced Capacitance Calculation.
  • Integration Value of Active/ Reactive/Apparent Energy is each displayed consumption and generation.
  • Demand monitoring which displays screens of present power consumption compared to aimed demand power values.


Key Features

  • Power Measurement and Logging
  • Power Quality Measurement
  • User Support
  • Analysis of Data and Report Generation


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