Astonishing space efficiency

Compact and flexible spindle and toothed belt axes and mini slides from Festo

Astonishing space efficiency
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The efficient use of space that characterises both the spindle and   toothed belt axes ELGC and the mini slides EGSC from Festo is crucial in   assembly systems, in test and inspection systems, in small parts handling, in   the electronics industry or desktop applications. All handling systems,   whether they are pick & place solutions, linear of three-dimensional   gantries benefit from their compact dimensions.

The cost-effective electric axes offer a virtually ideal ratio of installation to working space. They offer a common system approach, a platform architecture and largely adapter-free connections.

The spindle and toothed belt axes ELGC with their internal, protected recirculating ball bearing guide are particularly suitable for XY-movements and vertical Z-movements. The resilient mini slide EGSC impresses with its smooth spindle running and is ideal for vertical Z-movements or guided linear individual movements in any mounting position. All drives share some valuable technical features: they boast a clean look and weight-optimised design. With matching interfaces and optimised adapter kits, the corresponding motors can be mounted flexibly.

Whether simple linear or three-dimensional gantries, pick & place solutions or 3D boom systems, the new Festo handling systems are now easy to combine. With the unique mounting system based on the “one-size-down” principle, the smaller structural axis can be combined directly with the larger base axis without an additional adapter plate using only the universal fastening profiles. That results in particularly compact handling systems. Users do not need any special expertise or tools for mounting.


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