Pankaj  Potentiometers pvt. Ltd. Develop and manufacture Wire Wound Potentiometers using 100 %  own technology as import substitute product. Starting with very humble beginnings in a 10 sqm. facility  and one version of Wire Wound Potentiometers , today They have variety of wattage as well as several other products such as Servo Potentiometers, linear motion potentiometer, Hall Effect Rotary absolute encoders with various outputs, Conductive Plastic potentiometers in single turn, rotary servo and short stroke. Their latest addition is Foot Operated Potentiometer and panel mounting non contact encoder.

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    Pankaj Potentiometers pvt. Ltd

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    Wire Wound Potentiometers, Servo Potentiometers and Linear Motion Potentiometer,

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10 Bit Absolute Analogue Encoder, NCP-711-S (Standard) & V (Voltage):

Absolute Analogue Servo Encoder is operating on Hall’s effect principle. There is no metallic moving wiper contacting to element and hence no wear and tear or sliding electrical noise. Shaft is rotating endlessly in double ball bearings giving very smooth movement. It has excellent mechanical response with no hystersis in the output. The Sensor and electronic circuits are enclosed in anodized aluminum housing with IP-65 protection, It is ideal for harsh environment applications.


  • 50 mm Diameter Black Aluminum Anodised housing
  • Double Ball Bearings
  • 8 mm Stainless Steel ‘D’ cut Shaft
  • Servo Mounting or three M3 Screws at 32mm PCD
  • Low operating torque
  • Connector with cable


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