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Stepping Motors
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Stepping Motors:

Equipped with ABZO Sensor a newly developed (Absorbing) sensor to the motor, to achieve the motion control that does not use an external sensor and shortening of homing time. With built-in controller type (FLEX) equipped with interfaces that connect to a wide variety of host system. They have marked a discrete and dynamic position in the market by providing a high quality array of Stepping Motors to the clients from Bangalore , Karnataka , India. They offered this product is 2-Phase PK Series products are high-torque, low vibration stepping motors. In addition to a standard type with a resolution of 200 steps per revolution 1.8?/step), a high-resolution type (Resolution: 400 steps per revolution) and a geared type (high torque, higher resolution) are also available. The dedicated driver is required separately to operate the motor. Further, their offered this range is obtainable at very reasonable price from us.


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