NPS Drive Automation Pvt. Ltd.  is an Automation Solution Company working with comprehensive range of  products and services for Lenze, India.  It offers solutions and system integration including machine modernization with Lenze’s extensive products and services. The Lenze product range includes frequency inverters, servo systems, geared motors, ac motors, clutches, brakes and automation solutions including control, software and visualization. Systems engineering and automation technology are the key areas of their competencies. They are adapted to optimally reflect customer requirements. They gives machine manufacturers and end users exactly what they need. Their system assists them in the modular construction and efficient automation of their plants. 

G-Motion Servo
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    NPS Drive Automation Pvt. Lt

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    Inverters,Servo systems,Geared motors, Ac motors,Clutches, And Brakes

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G-Motion Servo:

Lenze AG , AC Tech and INTORQ Products:

Lenze geared servo motors are available in a power range from 0.25...20.3 kW. Together with the Lenze servo controllers, these geared motors offer a perfect drive combination with high dynamic performance.
• Power range of the synchronous servo motors: 0.25...10 kW
• Power range of the asynchronous servo motors: 0.8...20.3 kW

Featuring a wide variety of geared motors in the following variants:
• Helical gearboxes
• Shaft-mounted helical gearboxes
• Bevel gearboxes
• Helical-bevel gearboxes
• Helical-worm gearboxes
• Servo-planetary gearboxes


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