Oil Link™ is a robust, autonomous system for remote monitoring of gas tank levels via the internet.

Telemetry Solution for Gas Tanks
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The system is easily installed on all types of tanks – including LPG, propane, butane – and works reliably and accurately in any location.


Reduction of logistics costs by at least 20%, thanks to optimal delivery schedules

Elimination of breakdowns due to lack of fuel and emergency deliveries

Reduction of the CO2 footprint thanks to the reduction of deliveries

Improved purchase planning

How it Works:

A telemetry system is installed on the tank

Tank-level measurements are regularly, via the GSM network, sent to the cloud which automatically processes the data.

Gas merchants and/or their haulers automatically get tank levels into their planning tools. Deliveries are then planned automatically. They can even view and analyze the data directly in the user-friendly Oil Link™ web portal, from their office or on the road. The end-customers can also get access to view their consumption on their smartphone.

Thanks to the optimization of deliveries based on live data, gas merchants and/or their haulers lower their logistics costs by more than 20%, without the risk of their customers running dry.



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