Minilec (India) Pvt. Ltd. manufacturer of single phasing preventers (phase failure relays). Minilec is today a leading group involved in 100% indigenous production, marketing and export of reliable industrial electronic products for protection, control and monitoring. They insistence on quality has resulted in customer insistence for their products. They continuous effort to introduce new features to enhance product performance, adapt new technology to bring in greater sophistication and evolve new products in anticipation of market needs gives their customers many reasons to remain in a permanent state of pleasant surprise 

Motor / Pump Protection Relays
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Motor / Pump Protection Relays:

These relays are useful for protection of 3-phase AC induction motors against various hazards. With their unique advantages they eliminate use of a thermal/bimetal relay for motor protection. Being current sensing, they are to be selected according to motor rating and are available for practically all ranges of motors. These relays are ideally suitable for Air-conditioning Compressor motor protection, as also for motors in machines, conveyors, cranes/hoists and lifts, and for pumps.


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