Milton Instruments is a leading manufacturer of Electronic Weighing Balances and Moisture Balances. They supply their products and provide services throughout India and also export in overseas market. Their products are more reliable and maintenance free. Their products are easy to service and the spares are reasonably priced. This ensures to years of quality performance of Milton Weighing Balances, Moisture Balances and other products


Analytical Balances-0.1mg
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Analytical Balances-0.1mg:

 Milton Analytical weighing balances for weighing 0.0001g resolution provides maximum weighing performance, reliability and long service life. Their customers are from research and quality assurance laboratories of the pharmaceutical, chemical, Food, Beverages, Oil, Adhesives, Plastic, Textiles, Institutions, Hospitals, Engineering and Retail including Diamond & Gold Jewellery sectors. In pharmacies, handling active ingredients like eye drops needs precision work and reliable instruments. Analytical Weighing Balances having readability of 0.1 mg are widely used in Quality Assurance,  Research, Development, Colleges and Institutions.

Master Series [0.0001 g – 220 g]:

  • Advanced Weighing Technology based on Electromagnetic Fore Compensation principle
  • Fully Automatic Motorized Internal or External Calibration
  • User selection of number of applications
  • Ultra Large back lighted LCD display
  • Glass Wind Shield with 3 side doors with full height
  • Metal Die cast housing base for better stability
  • Hook for bottom weighing
  • Level Indicator in the front side


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