Millennium Technologies was formed with a clear goal of designing Network Enabled Data Acquisition boards. The idea was to launch unique concept of low cost DAQ boards, which caters many system integrators and control panel builder. They always adopt the latest technology available with new micro-controller so that the product becomes feature rich, reliable and ensures availability for long life.They are Embedded Products manufacturing company in the field of networked based data acquisition and control systems. 

Ethernet to Serial converter
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    DAQ boards, which caters many system integrators and control Panel builder

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Ethernet to Serial converter:

This board is an Ethernet-to-Serial converter board. This board is very useful for connecting a legacy serial device to an Ethernet network. There are three types of isolated serial outputs available (i.e. RS-232, RS-485, RS-422). It supports virtual mode of operation. In virtual mode, one can configure the board as a PC COM port, which enables to run legacy application software based on standard PC COM port. One can also control serial device by socket programming from PC.


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