MEL Systems and Services Ltd., Over the last two decades at MELSS have acquired expertise and specialized knowledge in many areas in the electronics field. In addition to electronics and automation, MELSS offers cutting edge IT solutions to its customers. But what makes them stand out is their deep commitment to support and the values and principles that they have inherited from their parent group. Their competencies are spread across a wide range of processes and verticals.

Cable/Wire Harness Testers
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Cable/Wire Harness Testers:

WIDD is a compact and portable system for characterizing wiring harnesses and detecting and localizing wiring defects, in the Aeronautics, Automotive, Railway, and Space industries. WiDD can be used for single fault as well as more complex defects. WIDD works with harnesses of several wires or hundreds of wires, and on all types of wires. It detects permanent and intermittent defects with high precision and anticipates breakdowns by monitoring wires and electrical harnesses throughout their useful life. The wiring analyzers MPT, CTX, and EZX are used to characterize wire harnesses as well as to evaluate the functionalities of electrical wiring systems. They can be used in all markets for assembly, production, end-of-line tests, general tests and verification & validation processes (V&V). They provide a powerful combination of programmable sources, measurement ranges with exceptional precision, extremely short test turnaround times, and a highly flexible test development environment.


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