Mecc Alte India Pvt Ltd. Leading reality in the national scene, fortified by sixty years of experience in the elctro mechanical field.Mecc Alte is a forerunner in design, defines its mechanical parts in solid design and electronic details with dedicated software. On the whole, the alternator is designed by means of finite element calculus simulation. Having a well equipped testing area. Industrial Electronic Research Combine for the promotion of scientific activities and international collaborations.

Singlephase - Brushless - Capacitor regulation
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    Mecc Alte India PVT LTD

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    Electromechanical field the production of production of synchronous alternators.

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    Elctronic Mechanical

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Singlephase - Brushless - Capacitor regulation (1÷13kVA / 50Hz :

Singlephase - Brushless - Capacitor regulation (1÷13kVA / 50Hz).The "portable" generators are single phase machines, without brushes, with a high operating reliability, as a result of accurate design and years of research and experience in the construction of electric machines. No maintenance is required because there are neither collectors nor sliding contacts. Special care has been taken about the design and performance in order to improve their connection to the engine, according to any constructive shape forecast. 


Mecc Alte India Pvt Ltd

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