Maxon Motors they develop and build electric drives that pack some real power. Their DC motors are leading the industry worldwide.They are used wherever the requirements are high and engineers cannot afford compromises maxon motors drive NASA's Mars rovers.They are installed in insulin pumps and surgical power tools. You can find them in humanoid robots and in high-precision industrial applications, in tattoo machines, passenger aircraft, camera lenses, race cars, and cardiac pumps. For more than 50 years, they have focused on customer-specific solutions, quality, and innovation. As a result, their modular product range has constantly been expanded and now includes:

  • Brushless and brushed DC motors
  • Brushless flat motors
  • Planetary gearheads, spur gearheads, special gearheads
  • Sensors
  • Servo amplifiers, positioning controllers
  • High-tech CIM and MIM components
  • Custom drives

Maxon DCX Motor
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    Maxon Precision Motor India Pvt. Ltd.

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    Brushless and brushed DC motors, and • Planetary gearheads, spur gearheads, special gearheads

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    Motors,Gearhead and Sensor

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Maxon DCX Motor:

Maxon DCX Motors feature unrivaled torque density and quiet running.The robust design and the ironless maxon rotor make the DCX motors a dynamic drive for almost every application.The brushed DC motors are available in sizes from Ø 10 – 35 mm and are easily configured online. Select from graphite and precious metal brushes, sintered and ball bearings, and many other components.


Maxon Precision Motor India Pvt. Ltd.,

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