Master Handlers with the commissioning of a handling system for multi-opening HPL press. This laid the foundation for the production of laminates using cutting-edge technology and cost effective methods in India. Master Handlers is the only manufacturer and provider of end-to-end solutions for lamination and pre-lamination industries. They provide complete project consultation services for HPL press, SCL press and paper impregnation lines. 

The Paper Impregnation Line
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    Master Handlers Pvt. Ltd.

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    PL Press, Handling System, Short Cycle Press Line and NewGen Paper Impregnation Line.

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    Engineering, Technological

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The Paper Impregnation Line :

The Paper Impregnation Line is used for impregnating paper with Melamine, Phenol or Urea Melamine resins. Phenol Impregnation for Kraft paper used in HPL and CPL application. Single stage Melamine Impregnation for décor paper used in HPL, CPL & LPL applications and two stages Impregnation (Urea Impregnation and Melamine coating) for décor paper used in LPL application. Such impregnated papers are used for making laminates or in pre-lamination of particle boards, MDF and HDF. 

Types of paper used for impregnation are Design/Printed/Uni-color printed, Unbleached Kraft, Tissue and Barrier. 


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