Marvel Gloves manufacturing unit in Gujarat State. Their dedication, team efforts, customer support, quality product created high confidence in the buyers. Their infrastructure is strong enough to handle the increasing demand of domestic and international market.They are customer friendly and guide our customers in selecting the right gloves for right application. Marvel Group is therefore creating awareness in Indian Workers and industries for the selection of right type of safety gloves as per their applications to avoid injuries and accidents and to work efficiently.Marvel Group strongly recommends to select right gloves for particular task for optimization of work safety, maximization of productivity and minimization of workplace accidents.

PU Coated Gloves (Flex-E- PU)
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    Nylon or Polyester Knitted Seamless Gloves

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PU Coated Gloves (Flex-E- PU):

Light weight Nylon or Polyester Knitted Seamless Gloves combined with unique polyurethane Palm Coating. Ultra thin gloves made on 15 or 18 Gauge Liner. Stretch filament yarn offers lint free for less risk of contamination, high sensitivity & lighter construction of the gloves offering greater dexterity for most tactile applications. Open back for excellent breathability & snug fit for lesser hand fatigue. Smooth Grip & improved abrasion resistance for longer use & durability.PU is flexible, synthetic material with outstanding dexterity, sensitivity, grip & breathability. It has good resistance to abrasion & tear. Beside it is ultra light coating, it is also micro porous & hence PU Coating on seamless liner can evaporate the perspiration & eliminates any sort of discomfort for long usage .


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