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Zero Air Loss Solenoid Valve
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    Luthra Pneumsys

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    Energy Solutions for compressed air / Gases to various industries for air, Vacuum, Water etc.

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Zero Air Loss Solenoid Valve:

Zero Air Loss Solenoid Valve Type is primarily used for controlling the rate of flow in both fluid and air powered tools, motors and systems. Here, condensate collects in the container housing and valve remains closed and leak proof. As the container is filled to the upper or high level sensor point on the solenoid valve lifts the plunger because of magnetic flux, which is generated by the activated coil.Drainmatic has an alarm function which can be connected to a buzzer or a light source. If, for any reason there is any malfunction of valve, the alarm function takes over and the buzzer sounds, made from high quality aluminum extrusion, the valve is capable of withstanding high pressure and reasonably high temperatures. There is a high pressure valve design which can work upto 40 bar pressure. They solenoid valve is made from high quality materials and machined to close tolerances ensuring that there is no chance of failure in the case of excessive load. The electronic circuit of Drainmatic is manufactured from very high quality electronic parts sourced from reliable vendors ensuring that there is repeatability in function and a very long life. Very high cycle test done in the valves ensure fail safe function and excellent performance. The wetted parts are also made from corrosion resistant stainless steel and hence there is no chance of failure of valve in the long run.The 100% reliable and dependent energy saving valve for drainage applications. These valves have an excellent system for complete removal of moisture without and compressed air loss. The system is available both with Diaphragm operated solenoid valve OR Motorized Ball valve version.


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