Lotus Fibre manufacture FRP Items for Electrical & Instrumentation use. An Electrical Engineer they Control all aspects of quality procedures to manufacture the best quality product keeping engineering economy in mind, after Sales services is provided by supervising the installation of their supplied material. They are committed to meet the expectation & needs for the purposeful use of their products only quality  products are manufactured.


Motor Protection Shell (FRP Motor Canopies)
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Motor Protection Shell (FRP Motor Canopies) :-

The salient Feature are:

1. One piece moulding  giving a monolithic construction.

2. Louvers  are FRP moulded and provided all around the protection shell (due care has been taken towards the cooling requirement of the motor under full load conditions). The advantage of FRP moulded louvers is the life, these louvers will last upto the life of the shell ( Unlike the other type of louvers that buckle in a short span under the influence of U .V. RAYS from the sunlight.)

3. Have appropriate fixing arrangement for the ease of installation at site.

4. Mechanically strong. Extra thickness is given at appropriate places, enabling this to withstand the Stresses and Shocks to which it is normally subjected to at site during its lifespan.

5. Lifting handle is provided.

 It should cover the motor fully to protect from:

?  Rain water

?  Chemical or water spillages

? Accidental fall of some material or the hit of some flying object under abnormal circumstances


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