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Die Mould Repair Machine- Alpha Laser Mobile
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Die Mould Repair Machine- Alpha Laser Mobile: 

Unique and Mobile:

Whether on the customer site or in your own workshop, the ALM offers you the greatest possible flexibility for welding.

It is ready to operate in minutes. The arm is brought quickly to the spot to be welded and it is fixed into working position using hydraulic brakes.

The laser is air-cooled, requires thus no extra cooling unit.

Their optional turn-and-tilt objective allows for unconstrained working, even in difficult work piece spots. With this objective, it is possible to steer the laser beam continuously from the vertical up to an angle of 40°, within the entire 360° swivel range, reaching spots that would otherwise be difficult to get to. All the while you remain in a comfortable and ergonomic working position.

Areas of use:

The ALM is particularly useful for welding work on large molds and tools, casings and machine parts, everywhere in fact where mobility is necessary.


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