On tour with high-performance plastics: 25 plain bearings in a single mountain bike – the igus bike demonstrates reliable versatility under the most demanding conditions

The igus bike with 25 plain bearings
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    igus GmbH

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    Plastic Bearings, Cable Systems

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    Motion plastics, plastic components for moving applications.

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Whether in everyday life on paved roads or as a sports equipment in the open country, the bicycle is a popular means of transport. Here, not only dust, dirt and moisture but also the uneven terrain stresses the bike components. At the 2017 Eurobike, igus demonstrates the durability of its bearings and thus the most diverse solutions for the bike industry on the igus bike – a custom-made carbon bicycle with 25 iglidur bearings, which have already been proven in other real applications.

Uneven paths, rain, dirt, dust and a lot of mud: ambitious mountain bikers know this. After a long, bumpy trip, muscles and joints hurt. The bike must also tolerate a lot. The impact loads and stresses on the individual components are enormous. In order to withstand these influences and ensure a long service life, the material properties of the installed components in the mountain bike play an important role.

The iglidur plain bearings of the motion plastics specialist igus have long been proven in a wide variety of bicycle applications, such as fork suspension, height-adjustable seatposts, shock absorbers, pedals or derailleurs. Now igus demonstrates all the potentials with a total of 25 plain bearings in just one mountain bike: the igus bike – a bundled proof of the versatility and robustness of igus bearings.

The iglidur plain bearings are made of lightweight high-performance plastics and contribute to weight reduction. The tribologically optimised properties reduce the wear rates and thus increase the operating time and service life. In addition, the plain bearings defy environmental influences, such as dirt, dust and moisture, as they run without lubrication and thus do not retain any dirt. This also reduces the associated maintenance times and the effort. Last but not least, they are more cost-effective than metal bearings and can withstand impact loads and stresses as well. With the dry-tech high-performance plastics from igus, savings are three fold: in weight, maintenance and price.