Presenting ARCs Seventeenth India Forum

Driving Digital Transformation in Industry and Cities – July 4-5, 2019 - Bangalore, India

ARC's Seventeenth India Forum
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To navigate successfully through today’s global wave of digital transformation and make disruptive technologies work for them, manufacturers, municipalities, utilities, and all other organisations will need to roll out just the right mix of technologies at just the right time. They will need to drive and manage change in processes, people, ecosystems, and technologies while putting cybersecurity at the forefront.

Everything is becoming more connected and intelligent. Streetlights, cars, gas turbines, and thermostats stream data. Buildings, refineries, oil platforms, mines, and wind turbines are optimising asset and operating performance. Parking meters and distributed power grids deliver value to both consumers and operators. Design software can link to additive machines to print parts directly. And it's only the beginning. How will disruptive technologies change existing products, plants, and cities? Can cybersecurity threats be overcome?

How will machine learning, artificial intelligence, and open source solutions transform operations? How will a digitally-enhanced workforce stem the loss of tribal knowledge? How do connected products create opportunities in aftermarket services? What steps can organisations take to foster innovative thinking?

There are countless ways to conduct your digital transformation journey, multiple technologies and suppliers to evaluate, and endless choices to make along the way. Embedded systems, networks, software platforms, augmented reality, and machine learning may play a role as you begin to improve uptime, optimise operating performance, enhance service and the customer experience, and re-think business models.

Join us at ARC’s Seventeenth India Forum to learn more about how digitising factories, cities, and infrastructure will benefit technology end users and suppliers alike. Discover what your peers are doing today and what steps they are taking in their respective journeys.

Who Should Attend?

ARC's India Forum is a must-attend event for:

• CEOs, COOs, and Presidents

• CFOs, VPs, and Directors of Finance

• CIOs and CTOs

• VPs and Directors of IT

• VPs, Directors, and Managers of Operations

• VPs, Directors, and Managers of Engineering

• VPs, Directors, and Managers of New Projects

• VPs, Directors, and Managers of Procurement

• VPs, Directors, and Managers of Supply Chain and Logistics

• Directors, Managers, and Architects of Automation and Enterprise Integration

• Plant Managers and Supervisors, and

• Production Managers and Supervisors.

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